If you want to find our more about, or get involved with Wellington Socialists see our about page. We warmly welcome all new comrades, whether you are a seasoned organiser or a complete newbie.

However, we are not the only show in town and we celebrate the work of comrades in other groups and organisations. Here is a short directory of other progressive groups and organisations in Wellington city.

128 Radical Social Centre: aims to create and maintain a radical left social and resource centre which prioritises minority groups.

Berrigan House: representing the liberatory catholic tradition in Wellington, Berrigan House organises against imperialism and for worker’s rights.

Generation Zero: a national youth-led organisation, with a Wellington branch, founded with the central purpose of providing solutions for New Zealand to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities & independence from fossil fuels.

International Socialist Organisation: a national organisation with a Wellington branch, ISO is an organisation of revolutionary socialists in Aotearoa/New Zealand dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism internationally and the construction of a democratic socialist world.

Organise Aotearoa: a national organisation with a Wellington branch, Organise Aotearoa is a broad Socialist Movement that unites groups in Aotearoa/New Zealand around common objectives and developing dual-power.

Oil Free Wellington: a group of Wellingtonians who organise together for climate justice – and to resist the expansion of the oil and gas industry. They began in 2012 when Texas oil company Anadarko were granted a permit to prospect off Wellington’s coast.

Peace Action Wellington: works for peace and justice throughout the world, with a special focus on New Zealand government’s involvement in international affairs.

People Against Prisons Aotearoa: a national organisation with a Wellington branch, PAPA fights for incarcerated people with both advocacy and direct action. Aims to improve the immediate well-being of incarcerated people while challenging the existence of the criminal justice system itself.

Pōneke Anti-Fascist Action: a community-based coalition of Wellington groups that come together to oppose far-right organising in our region.

Renters United: an organisation for renters in Wellington who want to organise renters and campaign to make renting better for everyone.

Unions Wellington: an affiliate council of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, Unions Wellington seeks to build the union movement as a whole and unite disparate unionist campaigns.

Wellington Palestine: works to promote justice, peace and freedom for the Palestinian people. Organises meetings, rallies and cultural events, and works in partnership with the New Zealand Palestinian Solidarity Network and other pro-Palestinian organisations.


Resources for progressive education, learning and knowledge sharing.

The Freedom Shop: Anarchist bookshop located in the Newtown Opportunity for Animals Co-op Shop.

The Labour History Project: is a Wellington based, national organisation dedicated to researching, recording, preserving and promoting working-class history.

The Wellington Workers’ Educational Association: the Wellington Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) is a charity and part of a movement, providing accessible education for working people throughout the world.


Current campaigns organised or supported by Wellington Socialists.