Wellington Socialists is a collective of workers and students working towards a common vision of a socialist Aotearoa and a Wellington region that is socially just, sustainable, egalitarian, democratic, decolonised and diverse. A region founded on principles of social solidarity rather than market-oriented principles of private gain. A city for people and not for profit.

We are a multi-tendency collective drawing on revolutionary socialist, anarchist and other radical traditions. We are working to build a broad and deep base for the socialist movement in Wellington, and to make connections with comrades in Wellington, Aotearoa and internationally.

In addition to monthly meetings of the collective we are involved in three projects. We invite comrades who share our vision to join the collective and/or to participate in one of the following projects:

Workers’ education: Contribute to our programme of workers’ education coordinated with the Wellington Workers Educational Association.

Socialist reading groups: Participate in our occasional open, weekend socialist reading groups.

Critical analysis: Submit articles for our blog offering a socialist analysis of issues affecting Wellington communities. We are especially interested in pieces offering critical analyses of the activities of capital and/or the local state in Wellington region, as well as accounts of the struggles of Wellington based groups and communities. Editorial help can be offered.

To find out more get in touch by using our contact page.